Gordon Bailey's Publications:

  • White Noise ... Black Oil, Pender Island:  Shoal's Edge Press, 2015.  ISBN  9780987947444
  • The Prayer Book Cowboy, Pender Island:  Shoal's Edge Press, 2013.  ISBN  978-09879474-1-3
  • The Jagged Cup, Pender Island: Shoal's Edge Press, 2012.  ISBN 978-0-9879474-0-6
  • Sociology: A Critical Introduction to Social Analysis  (Forthcoming)
  • Ideology: Structuring Identities in Contemporary Life  Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press, 2003. ISBN 1-55111-506-9
  • Social Theory: Essential Readings 2nd Edition (originally published 1993 asSociology: An Introduction from the Classics to Contemporary Feminists) Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2003. ISBN 0-19-541814-X
  • Review of Touch Wood: BC Forests at the Crossroads, Ed. Ken Drushka et al, in Canadian Dimension, October-November1994.
  • "The Wellness Theory:  The Victoria Health Project", New Directions, September/October 1989.
  • Review of Simon et al, Decoding Discrimination:  A Student‑Based Approach  to Anti‑Racist Education Using Film, Our Schools/Our Selves, Vol. 1 No. 3  April 1989.
  • "Visions Victoria needs grassroots substance", New Directions, March/April  1989.
  • "Victoria's Commonwealth Games:  Greed Sprint or community marathon?", New Directions, January/February 1989.
  • "Victoria's Environmentalists Learn How to Unite and Fight", New Directions, November/December 1988.
  • "Hollywood `Does' Teaching:  How Does Our Profession Look on Film?",  British Columbia Teacher's Federation, Teacher, June 1988.
  • Review of David Leland's Film, Birth of a Nation, CSSE NEWS, XIV:1, January 1987.
  • "Politicizing Education", After Bennett:  A New Politics for British  Columbia, Warren Magnusson et al (eds.), New Star Books, Vancouver, 1986.
  • Review of C.A. Bowers, The Promise of Theory:  Education and the Politics  of Cultural Change, The Journal of Educational Thought, Vol. 19  No. 2  August, 1985.
  • Plus various newspaper commentaries and articles.